I Woulda Been A Witch But I Traded Up

Every October I like to reach out to those witches out there looking for power in all the wrong places! I woulda been a witch myself if I hadn’t met Jesus early. Witch is a term for those using supernatural faith without God or the Holy Spirit as their guide. I was experiencing supernatural things like levitation and using Ouija boards when I was young. I am not afraid of the spiritual realm, witches, demons, spells and ghosts, but I traded up! The Holy Spirit has all the power we need and it’s way better than letting demons play games in your life. God loves us. Demons hate us.I did some girly games in basements that worked. Some girls used me as the levitation experiment since I was thin and light. They chanted the “light as a feather stiff as a board” thing and with each of them (maybe 5 little girls) touching me with two fingers on each hand, up I went like an elevator to the ceiling. My nose was an inch away and I was still laying down, on air. They screamed and caught me on the way down. Ouija board worked too, barely touching it with our nails, and the triangle pad moved around spelling out answers. I was interested in the spiritual world but fortunately, instead of witchcraft, seances, fortune telling, horoscopes, magic, spells and sorcery I was born-again and baptized in the Holy Spirit at age 9. Speaking in tongues, word of knowledge, prophecy, hearing from God is so much more powerful than witchcraft and occult counterfeit gifts. Healing the sick and casting out demons is way better than unpredictable, lying occult practices that produce fear and death, sleeplessness and hell. The Light is better than the dark side. Jesus is the door that leads to truth, peace and power to live with authority over evil. Faith trumps fear. Newsflash! Ghosts are nothing but demons. A haunted house is a building filled with demons and I don’t tolerate them or befriend them, I cast them out. Can’t touch this house!
Don’t be a fool. If you have visitations from little girl ghosts or anybody you knew or don’t know, smokey rooms, doors opening by themselves, growling sounds, bad smells, TVs going on and off, lights flickering, phones ringing, whatever… it’s demonic. ASK JESUS TO COME INTO YOUR LIFE AND BE YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE. Ask for His Holy Spirit to fill you. Out with the evil spirits, in with the Holy Spirit! You’ll be so glad you did.


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