I Woulda Been A Witch But I Traded Up

Every October I like to reach out to those witches out there looking for power in all the wrong places! I woulda been a witch myself if I hadn’t met Jesus early. Witch is a term for those using supernatural faith without God or the Holy Spirit as their guide. I was experiencing supernatural things like levitation and using Ouija boards when I was young. I am not afraid of the spiritual realm, witches, demons, spells and ghosts, but I traded up! The Holy Spirit has all the power we need and it’s way better than letting demons play games in your life. God loves us. Demons hate us.I did some girly games in basements that worked. Some girls used me as the levitation experiment since I was thin and light. They chanted the “light as a feather stiff as a board” thing and with each of them (maybe 5 little girls) touching me with two fingers on each hand, up I went like an elevator to the ceiling. My nose was an inch away and I was still laying down, on air. They screamed and caught me on the way down. Ouija board worked too, barely touching it with our nails, and the triangle pad moved around spelling out answers. I was interested in the spiritual world but fortunately, instead of witchcraft, seances, fortune telling, horoscopes, magic, spells and sorcery I was born-again and baptized in the Holy Spirit at age 9. Speaking in tongues, word of knowledge, prophecy, hearing from God is so much more powerful than witchcraft and occult counterfeit gifts. Healing the sick and casting out demons is way better than unpredictable, lying occult practices that produce fear and death, sleeplessness and hell. The Light is better than the dark side. Jesus is the door that leads to truth, peace and power to live with authority over evil. Faith trumps fear. Newsflash! Ghosts are nothing but demons. A haunted house is a building filled with demons and I don’t tolerate them or befriend them, I cast them out. Can’t touch this house!
Don’t be a fool. If you have visitations from little girl ghosts or anybody you knew or don’t know, smokey rooms, doors opening by themselves, growling sounds, bad smells, TVs going on and off, lights flickering, phones ringing, whatever… it’s demonic. ASK JESUS TO COME INTO YOUR LIFE AND BE YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE. Ask for His Holy Spirit to fill you. Out with the evil spirits, in with the Holy Spirit! You’ll be so glad you did.


You Can Do Better Than Oija

The occult is a darkness that beckons to children as early as Satan can possibly arrange it. He wants to attract you to the dark side as soon as you are able to make the choice. No! Actually he wants to make the choice for you if he can by force. If anyone is willing to talk you into or force you into oija, witchcraft, spells, magic and Wicca before a Christian can tell you the power of the Holy Spirit and the supernatural gifts God can give you, it’s a win for the dark side. Entering that kingdom is entering a life of fear. Conversely a life in Christ is peace, power,  love and prosperity. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy: Jesus came that we could choose life and that abundantly.

The Oija board is no game, although it can be purchased in the game section of any toy store. Oija is a tool which summons demons into your house and yourself. You as a human have something called faith which is supernatural, however most people don’t know it and they don’t learn how to use it until they become Christians that learn gifts of the Holy Spirit. If you are not a born again Christian then you might instead stumble into using your faith through occultism which is witchcraft, Wicca, seances, magic, horoscopes ESP, out of body experiences, ghosts etc. Demons can’t wait to get involved with the young or old unassuming people who allow them to direct them into unbiblical faith games. Without God, faith is merely used in occult practices, and demons will flock to the vulnerable person by his own choice.

On the other hand, if you become a born-again Christian and ask for the Holy Spirit to fill you, you immediately are able to operate in the faith of God. All the gifts of the Spirit are available and you can literally move mountains with your faith. The true supernatural gifts are: prayer language called tongues, “Words of knowledge”which is similar to ESP ( extra sensory perception); word of wisdom, prophecy, healing, favor, authority over demons, raising the dead, dominion over the earth and more. The heritage of a Christian is that “No weapon formed against us will prosper and every tongue that rises up against us in judgment we shall condemn.”

We can have these tools in faith and yet because our churches often lack willingness to believe the truth that we humans are supernatural, people don’t know how to be Holy Spirit filled and they either live dull powerless lives or they turn to occultism.

My experience with Oija is from childhood. I used it with friends until one day just myself and Susie used it alone. Before that day we always figured someone was moving it. This time Sue had her fingernails barely touching it and I am too honest to move the triangle yet it moved to spell out things and answer questions anyway. This frightened us from using it again. I also was levitated once by a few little girls. Barely touching me with two fingers on each hand, the 10-year-old girls gathered around me laying on the floor and  chanted a creepy saying. I went up to the ceiling laying on my back like an elevator until my nose touched the ceiling. Everyone screamed and they caught me as I went down. I remember even witnessing seances at sleepovers all of which I repented for years later. I tried many supernatural things and of course, they worked. I later realized why it all worked for me. I was already a child of Christian faith. My faith was engaged early and it was ignorance on my part to participate in demonic games. My favorite TV shows were Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie.  Misdirected interest in faith is common and I had a healthy desire in an unhealthy environment. At that age I was already baptized in the Holy Spirit and turned into the spiritual realm. My faith was working but I was very unaware of the difference.

The games we played were demonically influenced and should be refused by all children and parents. But the gifts of the Holy Spirit produce life and peace. Read the book of Acts of the apostles to see all the gifts in action. Pray for the Holy Spirit to come upon you and begin learning how to use gifts  from the Holy Spirit! One thing that my former experience did was that I became fearless of the spiritual realm and I have no problems and discerning and casting out demons. Be a defector from the dark side. Trade up to the the Holy Spirit today! Repent of all the ungodly spiritual things and ask Jesus to wash you whiter than snow inside!

Let Not The Sun Go Down On Your Anger Against Evil

Ephesians 4:25-27 is almost always taught and believed to be about anger being a stumbling block to Christians. However, the way I see the meaning now is the exact opposite. Ephesians 4:25 actually is teaching us to stay angry at evil and that’s how you avoid sin! Anger is actually something God gave us to help us stand up to evil. We must be on guard at all times against Satan while also realizing that we must not hate people even those who allow evil to flow through them. Anger against an evil thing is very powerful and beneficial.

Jesus was angry at most of the Pharisees because of their evil motives refusing to humble themselves and believe Him.

I believe anger and confidence is the stuff that faith is made of. Faith flows through love and love is strong, not mushy and passive. Love is what causes a person to fight and even die for another person or for his country. Belief and faith are similar but faith actually leads to believing.

Whenever I have been in faith and saw miraculous things happen, sometimes it feels like anger. Stirring up our faith can be done by seeing a need and knowing that you have a miracle to offer. When I had a third-degree burn on my hand, the hospital burn unit gave their opinion. They wanted to do surgery saying it would not heal without it. The final word was “It will be a miracle if that heals without surgery.” To which I replied “No problem. I have one of those.” You can read that testimony here. Convincing Myself Of The Truth

When we see an illness, we can get angry and be stirred up to act in faith by praying over the person. Faith causes action. Acting in faith is a determined, strong, aggressive force backed by love. Love never fails. Love perseveres. Love knows its supernatural strength. We know from 1 Corinthians 13 that love is patient and is kind. But love also fights for truth, protects, defends and stands up against evil. Love overrides fear. Heroes are the best examples of love. Love never fails to stand guard against evil. Love defends, protects and stands watch. Love doesn’t let the sun go down on his anger against the enemy.

Whose Power Is It?

Let’s talk about supernatural power, hmm? Power is a God-given human quality called faith. Everyone has faith. Whether born again or not we were created with the sixth sense of faith. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it {talking} shall eat the fruit thereof {reap what you sow in words}” Proverbs 18:21Let’s review what we’ve learned so far.
Q1.What is it that has power? Answer: the tongue
Q2. Who has a tongue? Answer: humans
Q3. Who uses the tongue? Answer: Humans use it to speak, either to bless or curse.
James chapter 3 explains it very well. The tongue is like a bit in a horse’s mouth, or a rudder on a ship. It steers our lives. We can bless our bodies and even our lives with it or curse ourselves. We can praise our heavenly father or curse our neighbor. It says that an evil tongue is full deadly poison “set on fire by hell {demons}.” Now negative power is usually credited to demons and Satan. But as you see the power is in our tongue. Satan has no power. Jesus removed Satan’s jurisdiction in this world when He died and rose! Jesus gave us back the keys of the Kingdom that Adam turned over to Satan, in the beginning. We now have dominion over this world again Saints! “I have said that ye are gods”(Psalm 82:6) We are sons of the Most High God with the power to raise the dead and move mountains by faith. Satan is envious of us. Witches and occultists are afraid of us. Those of us who know who we are in Christ trample on demons and have power far greater than those on the dark side of faith. In fact we offer refuge to those in the occult; their lives are full of fear.
Now if you were a demon, what would you do? Try to usurp this power, that’s right! And how would demons do that? Answer: By influencing humans to speak what they want us to say. They speak negative words of fear and doubt, strife and evil wishes to our minds, trying to cause us to speak things they want, through these human beings who have the power of life and death in the tongue! Negative faith is launched by worry, fear, negative expectations, slander, gossip, spells, occult practices, voodoo and just wishing bad things upon people. People know instinctively that words have power. Did you ever hear someone suggest a horrible thing and someone else gasp “Don’t even SAY such a thing!” Yet we say things and later say “I told you that would happen!”
So never give credit to Satan for the power of anything other than influencing humans through lies. That’s all he has in his arsenal. The only “demonic power” available is lies. You have the power. Use it to bless others and yourself. When you eat food, bless it. Do not curse your food by saying “this is so bad for me.” Everything we eat can be good for us if we just bless it. Be thankful and bless it and eat it. Colossians 3:17 says “And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.” So bless yourself, bless others, bless your enemies too. Jesus said
But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; Matt 5:44 
Why bless our enemies? We can positively affect those around us by blessing them with our words. Instead of repeatedly saying all the bad things others do we can prophesy their change. Really! Instead of a book of witchcraft and spells, Christians use books of blessings.”My boss favors me, my boss is full of wisdom and makes good decisions. My children are powerful born-again, spirit-filled believers. They are supernaturally blessed with abundance, wisdom and favor everywhere they go. My husband loves me and is a wise and good provider. My husband loves the Lord and his steps are directed by God.” If you say these things all day you are praying powerfully and effectively. You can even speak changes over yourself by saying “I hate smoking” every time you have a cigarette. If you stop saying “I need a cigarette” and change your confession to “I hate smoking” even though you keep smoking, after 30 days of doing this, your desire should start changing. Do not, however, confess that cigarettes are bad for you as this will launch a curse that you do not want to manifest.

Plenty of confession books are available to help you speak God’s Word over yjoyce meyer book.JPGour life out loud. Joyce Meyer teaches this concept as well as any. Her book “The Secret Power Of Speaking God’s Word” expounds on this subject. She confirms my claim that Satan will feed us thoughts, hoping we will speak them out loud because that’s all the power he ever has. We have the power in our tongues and speaking God’s Word is the most powerful thing we can do in life. Thankfulness and blessing go hand in hand so start your tongue a-waggin’ in the right direction and watch the results. Remember when you complain and speak worry you are helping the devil manifest things into your life and others.Renew your mind and speak to your mountains. Mark 11:23 says,
For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.